Games & Activity

Games & Activity

Games & Activity

In every party, entertainment is must. It makes parties all the more exciting and etches it forever in our memories. Now for most parties it is just music, or probably a dance game, but if you want to take your party to the next level, you can hire professional entertainers.

At First Party Planner we can get you any type of entertainment for every type of party you can host. It can be children’s parties, or anniversary parties, theme parties, corporate parties, or even birthday parties. If you are hosting and want to make it great fun, we are the guys for you. We have a whole list of great entertainers who will totally make your party worth it.

We have professional tattoo makers, anchors, air walkers, magicians, etc. If you want entertainment at your kid’s party we can arrange for clowns, magicians, human soft toys, etc. to make it super memorable for your kid/s and their friends. We can even set up fun games at these parties in which kids can participate to have epic fun. Games like gun shooting, adventure rides, bouncy, hoopla, etc. are great fun for kids at parties.

For other parties where adults are the main party goers, we can arrange for disc jockeys, live bands, craft and beauty corners that will have stuff like nail arts and other cosmetic activities. Air hockey and Foosball are games that are popular amongst adults and children alike.

We know how much you crave for a great and enjoyable party. In today’s day and age it is an outlet for all of us after the hectic work life we have to go through. We at First Party Planner want to give you just that. A weekend or a special day when you can have the time of your lives and forget all about the woes of daily life. Professional party entertainment assures that your party is fun. It makes sure that all your guests feel involved, have new things to do and try out and when they leave your party, they feel satisfied about it. That is our goal. Not only will they praise your party and efforts, it will also help us extend our services to make them enjoy themselves.

Even if you are planning to have a quite get together, we can help you set up some interesting stalls so that your guests can really enjoy themselves.

Here are 7 reasons why you should have party entertainers
• It makes everyone feel involved

Birthday Activity

1. Tattoo

Tattoo Painting
Glitter Tattoo
Sticker Tattoo
Imported Tattoo
Spray Tattoo
Chocolate Tattoo
Chocolate Foundation

2. Craft Corner

Glitter Send Art
Paper Craft
Drawing Coloring
Craft Designing
Photo Framing ( Return Gift option )
Pottery Painting
Pottery Making

3.Make up counter

Hair Bedding
Hair Bedding Makeup
Mini Beauty Counter
Face Painting
All Fashion Counter
Hand Beads Maker

4. Shows

Puppet Show (Disney +Jungle)
Musical Puppet Show (Disney)
Modern Puppet Show (Disney +Jungle)
Traditional Puppet Show
Magic Show
Magic With Animal
Rooming Magic
Black Magic Stage Show
Stage Magic ( More Then)

5. Activity

Nail Art
Cut – Outs
Fairy/Live character
Fire Juggler
Caricature On Cup (return gift option )

6. Party Entertainment

Clown Show
Charlie Chaplin
Mime Show
Air Walkers
Cartoon Walkers

7. Rides

Small Bouncy 8/8
Mickey Bouncy (10/11)
Slide Bouncy (12/20) 2in1
jungle Bouncy (20/20) 4in1
Jungle Bouncy (25/25) 5in1
Cassel Bouncy (10/30)5in1
Sixier (30/20)
Breaking Bouncy(10/25)
Cat Train
Thomas Train
Coin Machine Rides
Petrol Bikes
Electric Mari Go Round
Elephant Rides
Camel Rides
Horse Rides
Bull Ride
Kiddy Ride
Battery Car
Bagge Ride

8.Games and other activity

Pyramid Game + Gift
Gun Shooting
Hoopla Game + Gift
Electronics Video Game
Dart Game
Row & Arrow ( Hit The Target )
Fish Pond (4*4=Round Shape )
Game Coordinator ( Male )
Game Coordinator ( Female )
Bubble machine
Kids play zone

9.Return Gift option

Photo Framing
Photo Framing with art & craft
Mug Printing ( B Grade )
Mug Printing ( A Grade )
T- Shirt Printing
Crystal Printing Starting
Magic Cup B Grade
Magic Cup A Grade
Tile Printing
Golden Mug Printing
Silver Mug Printing
Stone Printing
Pillow & Teddy Bag Printing

10. Kids Activity & Games

Billiards table
bowling alley
kids bungy jump
foosball table
Funny mirror
Air hockey
Melody lucky
snake and ladder
Zorbing ball
Hummer game
Toy story