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Return Gift

Destination Birthday Party
Like destination weddings, birthdays have also become the new rage in several parts of India. Many families are celebrating the birthdays of their loved ones on exotic and serene locations, inviting their friends and families, and having a grand time.

These parties are unique since they are away from the congested traffic of the city, and where having fun is not an option. They are beautiful, well presented, and totally worth it. While the pocket pinch might be slightly steeper than other birthday party, they will definitely be the one that is hardest to forget.

While looking for a planner or organizer, there are some important services that you must know about.
Cabs Facilities

In all destination parties, the most important thing is transport. Destination parties are generally held in isolated locations, and it is difficult to get proper transport there.
This is why it becomes very important that the organisers provide proper cab facility. We provide comfortable and luxury cars with trustworthy drivers for your birthday party cab facility.

Our cabs will be available at regular intervals depending on the number of cars you want to avail and the time period. We are available at very affordable prices so that transport doesn’t hinder your dream birthday.

Our cabs also assure that your guests reach home safely because safety is our priority. We can ensure that once you hire us, you will never have to look any other way.
Food and Meals

We have various food and meal packages depending on the menu you decide. We can get you anything between two course to five course meals according to your budget.
Our chefs are very experienced in different kinds of cuisines including Chinese and Continental. We also have a great North Indian and Mughlai menu.
Our menu and prices also depend on the type of food you want to serve, vegetarian or non-vegetarian.
For a great and diverse menu with lip smacking delicacies and finger licking snacks you have to order our caterer.

Theme and Decor

Themes and partydecor is an essential part of birthdayparties.
We offer various themes from children to adult birthday parties. Superheroes, Bollywood, Hollywood, retro, etc. are some of the popular ones. A theme matters great deal to a destination party. It makes it more exciting and creates space for theme based games to make it memorable and exciting.
Theme parties also bring friends and family closer and makes for a great ice breaker amongst all the guests.
The decor of the party is generally aligned to the theme to create a realistic look and feel. We have excellent decor options that are vibrant and dynamic and will definitely bring new life to any party. Once you party with us, you will know what it is to party like a rock star.
Another important aspect of any party is entertainment. There are various ways of entertainment and it may vary, according to the party and the guest list. For adult birthday parties there can be disco jockey, live band, dance groups, or even self organised programs prepared by friends and family members.
For children birthday parties, there can be cartoon figures like Mickey mouse, ChhotaBheem, Winnie the Pooh, Minnie mouse, Tom and Jerry, etc. Magicians and clowns can also be arranged for children’s entertainment.
We also have beautiful and secluded venues that are isolated from the pollution and crowded cities. These destinations are serene and promote a peace of mind and let you have a lot of fun.
The venues are safe and bring out the outdoor person in you. They are mostly located in the Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, Noida, etc. areas.
They are extremely affordable and will be totally worth your money.
We also manage private venues in terms of creating areas for fun and play, residence, feasts, etc. We ensure that you have great security throughout the venue.
Return Gift
We also arrange for return gifts for all your loved and esteemed guests that come to have fun on your destination birthday parties. We can help you